November 24th, 2010 → 10:07 pm @

To develop better habits, it was simple – routine, routine, and routine! Kids’ minds are very simple. They cannot understand and process complicated rules and regulation. Therefore, I only gave them simple routines, so they knew what to expect when. Here is their routine: 1. Clean up when they get up 2. Breakfast after cleaning […]

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Week Two

November 16th, 2010 → 2:40 pm @

Things started to work slowly. My boys were slowly opening up to me. I started to get to know them better; their likes and dislike, and their habits. I was no longer yelling at them, not even once! They were smiling more to me. Now that I have found out the root causes of the […]

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The Turnaround

November 10th, 2010 → 4:55 pm @

Based on my son’s feedback on my performance and my aunt’s advice, I started to take a different approach. Here are the things that I did: 1. Be calm – I was able to change my attitude overnight. But I had to remind myself constantly to stay calm, because it takes only one second for […]

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