The original plan

August 30th, 2010 @

It was supposed to be a foolproof formula: partners get married, dual-income, saved up for the first house, then kids; everything is supposed to be happily thereafter.

To many of us, it was a well thought-out plan: with more money, there comes security; then it would be time to have kids. Now, with a few more years of income saved, we can afford to hire extra help, be it domestic helpers or off-site babysitters. Some of us may even get the bonus of having the assistance from grandparents. Everyone was supposed to be better off. Here is our imagination of how it works: we think all the kids are being well taken care of, and we can go out and make more money. When we come home, they will rush to us and kiss us and the whole bit, simply because we are the parents and bring home the bread. Well, think again!!!

Many of you might have known by now, this is where we start losing our children. Yes, you heard me right. We got money and kids but we lost our precious little ones at the same time. Don’t give up! There are hopes! I will show you how to become a toddler tamer in two weeks.