August 30th, 2010 @

This happens constantly in our household:

“Boys, breakfast time is for food, not toys! Come back to your table and finish your breakfast. Make sure you have your milk before playing with you toys!!!”

The same thing recurs on weekends during lunches and dinners. Weekends are the time when our kids are back from the grandparents’ home. You guessed it right – our kids ignore us – TOTALLY!!!

So, what went wrong? I am the mom, my husband is the father. How come our kids don’t listen to us? And we have to scream and threaten all the time. What’s wrong?

Taming your toddlers is never easy. In this book, I will detail how I lost control of my motherhood; and how I turned things around in a matter of weeks. It involves a lot of hard work, but is certainly achievable.

Yes! You can regain control of your toddlers. Yes! You can tame your toddlers! In this book, I will show you how.