How to be a successful parent?

I and my wife work 5 days a week and could not spend enough time with their 2-year-old kid. They are facing the same challenge as the author. I stumbled across this short and practical book “How a mom tamed her pre-school toddlers in two weeks.”

Personally, I found the advice on patience extremely useful. This book suggests us the essential solution when dealing with kids – Patience. No matter what you do: talk to your kids, listen to your kids, all you need is patience. And Ada’s motherhood examination told us that, there is the most effective method to solve the problems with your children, as long as you love your children with all your heart.

If you wish your kids to listen to you, if you wish them to have an enjoyable childhood, and if you wish a happy family, I would recommend this book for you.

– Leung Wing-Kam

Ada has spoken out for me. As working parents with 3 kids at home, I and my wife have been facing the same problems and didn’t have much clues to make things better. Ada’s book gives very practical advices and approaches that we have not thought of. We read few other parenting books before but found them either boring to read or not practical in our Singaporean context.

The Motherhood Exam is a fun analogy in modeling the situation. Core idea of the book is making good practices into routines so to make a good parent-child relationship manageable, and more importantly, sustainable. The few books Ada made referencing sound interesting too. Brought them immediately and are looking forward to the arrival of the Amazon box, and for the next parenting book from Ada soon.

— Keng Wee and Siew Ting

My husband and I always find it difficult talking to our boy. He just does not listen and goes his own way. Both of us are exhausted in trying toys, snacks to attract their attention. It is never a success. When I heard about this book, I told myself “This is exactly what I want!” I followed a similar routine as the author did to her sons, there was really a turnaround! My husband and I take turns to do the same exercise and now our little prince is talking a lot to us. We find out there is a big step in building up our relationships.

We can feel the love and patience from the author brings to her sons and I really appreciate she can share this experience with others.

My husband and I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to tame their toddlers.

– Peggy Wang