When she was a student, Ada was the top of her class. When she was in the workforce, Ada was always in management positions. In her mind, she could take control of everything. So, when she and her husband decided to have kids, she thought being a working mother would be the way to go. She has worked in big corporation when her first child was an infant. When the younger boy was born, she has switched to work part-time and work from home so she could spend more time with the two boys.

Contrary to her beliefs, Ada has consistently found problems when dealing with her kids. She was not able to take control of her kids. She has decided to make a change. She has decided to know everything about raising her kids, and become good at it. For the past few years, she has read a lot of parenting books and has visited a lot of websites (parenting, psychology, for example) to get advices on raising her two boys. She has also put her findings into practices. She regularly gives advices to her friends on how to solve kids’ problems. Her goal now is to raise two happy, well-behaved, and responsible world citizens.